Nick Jonas Talks Going Full Frontal, Reveals His ‘Man Crush’

Nick Jonas: T-Bell Run
The JoBro gets his Taco Bell fix.
So who would Nick Jonas swim in the man pond with if that was even in the realm of possibilities?

The 22-year-old singer admits he admires the 46-year-old hunk – who plays fictional British secret agent James Bond 007 – and has nothing but praise for him.

When asked who his favorite male actor is, he told E News: “Daniel Craig! That’s my man crush for sure. Daniel Craig. He’s James Bond. He’s the best.

“I’m a huge James Bond fan. I think he’s a badass and I think he killed it in all his movies. Me and all my buddies, he’s our guy.”

While Nick’s sizzling Flaunt photo spread for the magazine was quite revealing, would he ever consider going full frontal? You will see plenty of skin from Nick on his new DirecTV series Kingdom.

Nick Jonas Grabs his junk photo

“I did just about everything in the show but frontal,” the hunky actor told E! News exclusively, adding, “So you’ll see pretty much every angle of me. Yeah, it’s a lot!”

As for full frontal in the future?

“Never say never,” he dished. “If the art required it and it was a role I felt really committed to and like I had to go there with it, I would do whatever it takes to tell the story.”

So you can put that on your things to look forward to list!