Taylor Swift’s Cat Olivia Benson is Now a Model

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Swifties, did you know that Taylor Swift’s cat is now a model?!

Yes, it’s true! Olivia Benson is now a model. Taylor’s cat is in her new Keds campaign. 24-year-old Taylor is a spokesperson for Keds, and her latest collection includes a pair of shoes called the “Sneaky Cat.” Olivia Benson is now “Sneaky Cat.” Cute!

If you’re a TSwift fan, you know how much she loves her cats. So, it only makes sense that she would want Olivia Benson to be in her new campaign.

We’ve seen photos of Taylor and her cat out and about lately, so the timing makes sense. Clearly Taylor’s been sneaking Olivia out of the house to go to exclusive photo shoots! Here’s Olivia’s “Sneaky Cat” ad campaign!

Olivia Benson

Lucky cat! But wait, what about Meredith?!

You can get these shoes for $55 on the Keds website! There’s a description for the shoes that says, “New season. New song. New shoes. Introducing Taylor Swift’s 1989 album release shoe.” These shoes were inspired by Taylor’s new album!

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