Watch: Jimmy Kimmel Makes Children Think He’s a Talking Pig

Jimmy Kimmel 'Cooks'
Watch Gordon Ramsay order Jimmy Kimmel around for scrambled eggs.
Jimmy Kimmel loves to play tricks on people. His latest prank? Dressing up as a pig and talking to children!

We’ve seen Jimmy pull off many pranks, and on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night, he revealed his latest trick. With the help of a makeup artist, Jimmy transformed into a pig. He then made two little girls believe he was a talking pig! Check out the hilarious video and get ready to LOL!

Remember that twerking fail video that went viral? Yeah, that ended up being a Jimmy Kimmel prank. Now, Jimmy’s next prank involves a talking pig! Jimmy wanted to see how these kids would react, so he did the prank to find out!

After his transformation, Jimmy is placed in position and is ready to start the prank. Two little girls are then invited to go in and see “Jimmy the Pig.” After walking up the pig, the two girls see the pig open its eyes! Jimmy then starts talking to the two girls and tries to get them to keep his secret, not wanting them to reveal he can talk.

So, do the girls squeal on the talking pig? Or, do they keep his secret? Watch the video to find out!

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