The Hottest Celebrity Skin Pics of the Week – 10.4.14

Okay so, was it wear-your-low-cut-V’s week in Hollywood, or was there just one majorly wild coincidence here?

Not that any of us ever complain when Cara Delevingne wears a low cut anything…let alone any of our other favorite stars.

Aside from Cara, Kim Kardashian, Selena Gomez, and Aubrey O’Day all rocked uber low-cut dresses this week and looked absolutely stunning – not to mention drool worthy – while doing so.

It must have been a trend for the guys too seeing as Jeremy Piven posted a picture on his instagram wearing a v-neck tee, joined by his other v-neck tee wearing friend, and quite possibly the king of low cut everything for men, Lenny Kravitz. 

Talk about hot, amiright?

But the sizzling doesn’t stop there. Our favorite stars really brought up the heat this time around with some selfies in bathtubs (can you guess who?), risky runway outfits (again…any wild guesses?), and of course, some good ol’ fashioned ab action (we can never say no to that).

So take a gander and let your eyes feast on all that is smokin’ and wondrous by launching the gallery above for the full collection of this week’s hottest celebrity skin pictures!

Don’t forget to check back next week for another round of hot pics and to let us know in the comments below which picture got your temperature rising the most!