WATCH: Ben Affleck Slams “Ugly,” “Racist” Views of Islam in Debate on ‘Real Time with Bill Maher’

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Ben confirms whether or not his dong stars in 'Gone Girl.'
In between interviewers inquiring about his private parts, Ben Affleck stopped by Real Time with Bill Maher on Friday and things got real quickly.

The Gone Girl star, and outspoken liberal, stood his ground when he believed Maher and his other guest, author Sam Harris, took their criticism of Islam a few steps too far.

To boil the argument down as simply as I can, Bill and Sam believe that Liberals need to step up and stop being afraid to criticize practicers of the Islamic faith for their views on the treatment of women, homosexuals and free-thinkers. Ben had a MAJOR problem with those very broad comments, because of their racist undertones…i.e. the assumption that every person who studies the Qur’an is intolerant of women, homosexuals and free-thinkers.

Essentially, Harris and Maher think it’s just as ok to criticize people in the Muslim world as it is to condemn Christian extremists in America. The pair want people to stop being afraid of being labeled an Islamophobe. Those comments though, are like calling someone a “shifty Jew” according to Ben.

Still following me?

Watch the debate below for yourself and let us know what you think of the things Ben had to say in the comments below. It’s really interesting stuff, especially as the debate over ISIS has the government scratching their heads.

It’s nice to see Ben standing his ground, which is probably the character trait Maher’s producers hope most for in their guests. Thing is, might this affect Girl’s box office take away once Middle America gets wind of it?