Watch Katy Perry’s Awkward, Corndog-Fueled Appearance on ‘College GameDay’

The drama between Miley and Katy is going as strong as ever!
Why Katy Perry was invited to guest host College GameDay is beyond us, but, as you can imagine, it was AWKWARD.

Katy broke her college football game cherry Saturday morning and did it all on national television, as she appeared on the ESPN show in the capacity of “guest picker.” From throwing corndogs at the camera to making her picks to win based on the “looks” of the players, the “Dark Horse” singer seemed wholly out of place.

Watch for yourself:

Of course, she could have just been making the best of an awkward situation and working with the energy the crowd was giving back to her. College football fans being all sorts crazy in and of themselves.

If anything, she seemed thrilled to be at the game.

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