Paris Hilton’s Devastatingly Cute $13K Puppy Leads This Weekend’s Star Sightings

Last month, Paris Hilton dropped $13,000 on the cutest – and smallest! – teacup Pomeranian that money can buy.

The Dog Presently Known as Prince (he was initially named Mr. Amazing) graced the world with his tiny presence as Paris toted him along for a massage and tacos in West Hollywood. First things first: that sounds like the greatest date ever. Secondly: oh my God those beady wittle eyes and that itty bitty snout!

At the time that he joined the Hilton family, Prince weighed a mere 11.6 ounces and was only 2.5 inches tall. Perhaps he’s grown since then, but the 6-month-old puppy still looks impossibly small as he rests on Paris’ forearm. Conspiracy theory: Prince is actually a sentient fluff ball that floated into Paris Hilton’s mansion to learn all her deepest and darkest secrets. Anything that cute just can’t be trusted.

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