Amanda Bynes’ Bizarre Behavior Continues, Almost Runs Over Pedestrians on Bike (Video)

It appears Amanda Bynes is back to her old ways.

After the actress was arrested for driving under the influence last week, she decided to head back to New York where she’s been caught doing some pretty bizarre things, including almost running over pedestrians while riding a rented Citi bike.

An on-looker spotted the 28-year-old near the Penn Station in NYC and began video taping her actions.  As you watch, you see her struggling to ride the bike and haphazardly entering a crosswalk where she nearly takes out a few people on the street.

The video comes just a few days after reports surfaced that the former Nickelodeon star exhibited odd behavior while dining by herself at Los Angeles International Airport before departing for NY.

Amanda’s parents opened up last week about their daughter, saying that after their temporary conservatorship over their daughter ended, she decided to move out and do her own thing.  She stopped taking the medication that helps control her behavior and barely talks to her family any more.

Launch the video above to see her bizarre bike ride for yourself.