Breaking Hair News: Bask in the Glory of Bruce Jenner’s Long, Layered Locks

Bruce Pulled Over
Watch Bruce Jenner get pulled over by the cops!
“Bruce, what long hair you have!”

“All the better to hop fences at Elton John concerts with, my dear,” growled a recently single Bruce Jenner as he gave his feathery mane a casual flip. Thus continues the story of Bruce Jenner’s fascinating hair evolution.

The Jenner patriarch debuted his new ‘do at an Elton John performance at the Staples Center this weekend. The former Olympian attended the concert with his son Brandon and daughter-in-law Leah.

While Bruce has been experimenting with longer hair for some time now, this style is perhaps the best of them all: note the unprecedented amounts of texture, fullness and volume that his layers afford. Also, revel in the gentle swoop of chestnut hair that graces his left side.

An added bonus of Bruce’s voluminous locks is that they appear particularly flowy and dynamic as he jumps over a fence to evade the paparazzi. All in all, I give this a 9/10.

Check out all the photos of Bruce Jenner’s new hairstyle in the gallery above!