Designer Michael Kors Calls Kendall Jenner ‘A Real Professional’

Kendall Does PFW
Kendall Jenner reveals a bit too much during a Paris Fashion Week show.
Kendall Jenner is getting serious praise from a major designer!

Michael Kors just talked to E! about Kendall and her modeling career. He revealed, “I think she’s a strong, powerful, great-looking girl. She’s a real professional.” And that’s not all Michael had to say! Read on to find out more details!

Kendall’s modeling career is on fire right now. In the past month she’s been all over the world, walking in every major runway show from New York to Milan.

To show how serious she is about modeling, Kendall even dropped her last name in hopes that people won’t recognize her at castings. That move seems to have impressed Michael. “I love that her card just says Kendall,” Michael explained. “So she’s not trading on her name and I think she’s going to have a great career.”

So, these two are definitely going to collaborate in the future, right? Michael revealed, “I think the big thing about models is it’s kind of like actresses—the right actress in the right part. And when it’s the right show, I think, ‘Hey, that’s fabulous.’ The right show with the right girl—it’s kind of magic.” We’ll have to wait and see if these two fashion superstars come together for a future project.

What do you think about Michael’s comments? Do you think Kendall deserves all of this praise? Sound off below!

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