‘Jane the Virgin’ Star Gina Rodriguez Spills Major Secrets About Her New Show

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Our next Celebuzz 2014 Breakout Star is Gina Rodriguez. Gina’s the star of the CW’s amazing new show, Jane the Virgin.

We were lucky enough to talk to Gina about her new role, and she spilled major behind-the-scenes secrets. Plus, Gina even revealed her dream co-stars! Check out the interview below to get all of the details! 

Celebuzz: We’re really looking forward to your show! Can you tell us a little bit about your character, Jane?

Gina Rodriguez: Jane is awesome. (laughs) Jane is a young girl studying to be a teacher, with dreams of being a writer. She’s saving herself for marriage, I mean it’s not heavily religious. She’s doing it as a promise she made to her grandmother when she was young, growing up in a Catholic home. She goes to a gynecologist and accidentally gets artificially inseminated and then goes on this roller coaster of evolution and transformation into womanhood, and deciding right and wrong throughout the crazy obstacles that come her way. But she’s strong and independent and smart. She tries her best to be a good human being and it’s pretty awesome.

CB: We noticed from the trailer that this show has a lot of drama, but it also has a lot of comedy and humor. Is that something we can expect from this season?

GR: Oh yeah for sure. I mean, it is definitely a hardcore dramedy. Because it’s based off of a telenovela and it’s adapted to American style, it was beautiful what the writers did. They make this really awesome, heightened reality. All of this crazy obstacles and challenges like you would in a telenovela where it’s like, “this person knows this persona and this person is related to this one, and they’re evil step-twins.” All this craziness, which is awesome, you know we go crazy every week over the new scripts because they’re so brilliant and so clever. Because of all of that crazy heightened, literally like serialism at times, the drama is super grounded and super real. That’s how we’re able to get away with these crazy twists and turns, is that it’s very much a family story at its core. So it is the mother/daughter story, very similar to Gilmore Girls. And we don’t laugh at ourselves, like sure I get artificially inseminated and that’s crazy! But that’s not like a joke, it’s like this is happening to me and this is real and this means something and a child means something. And my life looking a certain way and not looking like that anymore means something. And then all of the evil step-twins and all of the craziness that ensues, all of the leopards on set, it all makes it balance really well.

CB: This looks like a really great cast. Do you guys have a ton of fun filming this show?

GR: I mean it is a lovefest. I feel like Jenny, Jenny Snyder Urman, the creator, is the most humble, down-to-earth human being you’ve ever met. You know like super successful writer, I mean totally huge in the writing world. Then you meet her and she is so grounded and so real and so down-to-earth and so loving. She’s a mom and she cares she cares about people and she cares about actors, she cares about art and she wants to make change. And because of that, I swear she handpicked every individual that feels the same way. That wants to do something bigger than just make money off of acting. They want to make change, they want to create change, they want to be a good person, they want to try harder and grow. And she really handpicked all of these actors where we’re all in love with each other. We all have the same kind of energy, we all want the same kind of things, and we all help each other grown and it’s kind of a blast. Like we have a text message string from all of the series regulars and it’s the funniest, if that got leaked it would be the wildest thing. But it’s the funniest chain and you can just see that we really love each other, and we love doing what we’re doing. We feel really grateful and we have artists that are together that are grateful and want to be there, it’s so much easier during the tough times. And Jaime Camil, the guy that plays my father, is the funniest man alive, like drop dead the funniest man alive, and if he wasn’t on our set I don’t know what we’d do. He’s like the light of the set, he’s incredible.

CB: Have you seen the billboards around? How does that feel to see yourself up there?

GR: I don’t know how to describe it in words. Man, it’s like when I was a little girl, and mind you I wasn’t the coolest little girl in the business. But when I was a little girl I used to dream of exactly this moment. Literally I was like, “One day, I’m going to have my own show.” And this was little 11-year-old me and I was like, “And I’m going to be on a billboard! And it’s going to be in Times Square!” But now it’s happened and now I just thank God every second I can, and I freak out and every time I see one if I’m by myself I scream at the top of my lungs and I’m like, “This is crazy!” It’s pretty wild, but this also means I got work to do. I’ve got to work hard and keep my head down and keep focused and make sure I back it up. You know I’ve got to back it up, it motivates me.

CB: Do you have any dream co-stars?

GR: So the dreamiest dream in the world? If this was the end-all be-all dream?

CB: Yeah!

GR: I would say Meryl Streep. Meryl Streep, Dustin Hoffman. I’d work with Javier Bardem. I’d be directed by Christopher Nolan, Guillermo del Toro, or Robert Rodriguez. I’d work with Tom Hardy, Ryan GoslingRosario Dawson, Zoe Saldana. I can go to the end of time, there’s so many wonderful actors that hopefully I get the chance to do that with. But end all be all is Meryl!

CB: We read that you’re a singer, is that something you’re actively working on?

GR: I did rap because of Filly Brown, the Sundance movie that I did. I really found out that I have a real knack for it. Because I grew up as a dancer so rhythm kind of came, not natural, but at least it was adapted eventually as a dancer. But, you know I loved to rap and it was super fun. I had opportunities to rap afterwards and I just knew that my focus was on acting. At the time I knew that I had to hone in on that focus and do the best I could. So, if the opportunity arises later on in the future I would love nothing more. But, for now Jane has my heart and I want to make sure that I do not miss a beat with her.

CB: Well maybe you could record something and they could play it on the show.

GR: Yes! Well you know what’s funny is that I do rap on the show. During a scene, someone asks something, “What’s different about you? Or, something that nobody knows?” And I’m like, “I can rap!” And they’re like, “Do it!” So, I rap a little bit, which is kind of cool. I definitely think there’s room for, they’re just so wonderful to me, I think there’s definitely room for me to be able to do music on the show. So, I’m hopefully going to explore that.”

Be sure to check out the premiere of Jane the Virgin on Oct. 13 at 9 p.m. on the CW! Take a look at the trailer for the new show HERE!