Justin Bieber’s Mom Explains Why She Doesn’t Defend Him From the Media

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Relive the egging incident heard 'round the world.
Pattie Mallette has to pick and choose her many battles when it comes to defending her controversial son Justin Bieber… But when it comes to other artists, she’s quick to come to their defense against media scrutiny.

Such was the case last night, when Mallette tweeted at TMZ for writing about Mariah Carey’s troublesome start to her Elusive Chanteuse World Tour amidst her divorce from Nick Cannon.


While the tweet was meant to show compassion for all artists, some fans were a little confused why Mallette doesn’t do the same for her own son.

One fan even responded to her, asking: “You stick up for Mariah Carey but you don’t stick up for your son when TMZ drags him?”

Mallette responded explaining how she has to restrain herself from protecting her son all the time.


And let’s be honest, the mom has PLENTY of battles to pick when it comes to her son.

Most recently, Bieber allegedly punched another photog while attending Paris Fashion Week–an occurrence that comes right on the heels of his last run-in with authority when he got in a physical altercation with another paparazzo after crashing into his minivan on an ATV.