Kanye West Buys Champagne for a Bachelorette, Takes Awkward Photo With the Party

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Kanye West isn’t that much of a bad guy.

While dining at Galatoire’s Restaurant in New Orleans over the weekend, the rapper noticed a bachelorette party happening at a nearby table. Presumably touched by the the romance of it all, Mr. Kim Kardashian sent over a bottle of champagne for the bride-to-be and her guests.

He then allowed the rest of the party to take a photo near him. Yes, like at an Avril Lavigne meet and greet, the guests were given permission to take a single photo of them at lingering around Yeezy while he sat at his table grinning. The results were awkward, to say the least.

See?! He’s a nice dude!

[h/t: Vulture]

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