LISTEN: Aziz Ansari Reads All the Ignored Text Messages He’s Sent to Blake Lively

Apparently Aziz Ansari thought he once had a chance with Blake Lively pre-Ryan Reynolds.

The two met at an event in 2011 and clicked when they began talking about how much they both love food.  So they exchanged numbers, and Ansari thought that meant things might someday be taken to the next level.

But when he tried texting her (many times), she completely ignored him.

Four years later and Ansari still has each one of the text messages from his now married and pregnant celebrity crush… The most awkward one being in December of 2011 (after about 10 ignored messages before it) that simply read, “Happy Holidays!”  Luckily for our enjoyment, he read all the texts during an interview with Howard Stern today and gave all of us quite the laugh.

Listen here: