No One Is Surprised That North West Has Doll Versions of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

Model Alert!
North West makes her modeling debut.
You didn’t expect North West to be seen playing with your common Bratz dolls and Tickle-Me-Elmos, did you? Of course North has doll versions of her parents, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. Of course.

Auntie Khloé Kardashian took to Instagram to share a snap of the Kimye dolls:

[Caption: “West”]

The dolls were custom made by Celine’s Dolls, a company based in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The shop has received a lot of attention since Khloé shared the photo. Over at Celine’s Doll’s Instagram account, more photos of the dolls were shared:

[Caption: “Since @khloekardashian ‘s post, people have asked a few things: Mini Kanye is wearing a faux mink vest and slightly shiny distressed faux leather pants. And yes, Mini Kim has hips!”]

[Caption: “#Backstage with #MiniKanye”]

And of course no set would be komplete without a doll version of North West herself:

[Caption: “Welcome new followers! There is a Mini North too! #NorthWest #KimKardashian #KanyeWest #Kimye #DollFamily #CelinesDolls”]

So to sum things up: North West plays with doll versions of her parents, and no one is really surprised by that.