Sarah Hyland Granted Permanent Restraining Order Against Former Boyfriend Matt Prokop

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Sarah Hyland, Matt Prokop
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Sarah Hyland was just granted a permanent restraining order against her former boyfriend, Matt Prokop.

A few weeks ago, we told you that Sarah received a temporary restraining order against Matt after he was allegedly verbally and physically abusive to her. Now, it looks like Sarah wants more of a permanent restraining order, as the judge just ordered Matt to stay away from Sarah and her dog, Barkley Bixby, for three years. Read on for more details.

TMZ is reporting that the ordered says Matt must, “Stay 100 yards away from Hyland and her house, not go near her job or workplace, not own or possess a gun or ammunition, stay 100 yards away from Hyland’s dog, Barkley Bixby, not attack, threaten or harm the dog in any way.”

Hopefully this restraining order keeps Matt far away from Sarah. She’s definitely putting on a brave face and isn’t letting this incident get her down. She’s communicating with fans on social media, plus she even went out to an event recently! Good for you, Sarah!

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