Selena Gomez Plants a Kiss on Justin Bieber in New Photo

Jelena's First Kiss
Justin Bieber describes his first smooch with Selena Gomez.
It looks like everything is just fine between Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber.

Justin uploaded a picture to Instgram yesterday of the two looking very close. In the picture, which has since been taken down, Selena plants a kiss on Justin’s shoulder. Maybe all is forgiven after Justin’s date with Kendall Jenner

Things were going great with Justin and Selena a week ago. They took a romantic trip together and then traveled to Paris. That’s where things got a little bumpy.

Justin ended up going to dinner with Kendall, one of Selena’s frenemies. So, it seemed like things were on the rocks for Selena and Justin. Why would he going to dinner with Kendall if everything was fine with Selena?

But, it looks like everything’s okay with the couple now. We think Justin wanted to stop the rumors, so he posted the photo to show that him and Selena are still very much together. While there wasn’t a caption to the photo, a picture’s worth a thousand words, right?

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