WATCH: 7 Cute Animal Videos to Help Get You in a Great Mood for Monday

Miley Cyrus has given away her new dog.
Are you ready for your Monday?

We know that everyone typically has a rough time accepting that the weekend is over and it is back to work/school time again.

So we thought a little cute might help ease the pain of the challenging week that is probably ahead of you.

So grab a cup of coffee and watch the videos below and enjoy!

A Chihuahua attacks bubbles in slow motion.

Cats do not enjoy going for walks. (via Death & Taxes)

Lincoln the Red Panda checks out his new playroom.

Kittens walking down stairs is the cutest thing ever.

Pug asks for help when “given” and iPad.

Meet Acer, Britain’s smallest horse.

Nope, the door isn’t closed.