Watch: This Teenager’s Reaction to Beyonce Missing His Surgery Will Make You LOL

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Now this video is hilarious!

After getting his wisdom teeth removed, a teenager named Cody Lanphere was understandably very out of it. He believed that Beyonce had missed his surgery, after “telling him” she’d be there. Lucky for us, Cody’s mother, Christine Livingston, recorded his reaction and posted it online for the world to see! Check out the video and get ready to LOL, this video is amazing.

In the video, you see Cody in the car after his surgery. You can hear Christine tell Cody that Beyonce wasn’t able to make it, and then Cody goes on an epic rant! At one point he cries out, “She lied to me!”

Clearly Christine thought this entire video was hilarious because she uploaded it to YouTube for everyone to watch! The caption for the video says, “This is my 17 year old son who just came out of dental surgery. He had his wisdom teeth removed. He is upset because his idol Beyonce never showed up.” Take a look at the video above!

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