Amanda Bynes is Back on Twitter, Announces Future Plans and Addresses Rumors

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The Twitter account that made headlines last year is back: early this morning, Amanda Bynes tweeted to her 3 million followers after a five-month hiatus.

The actress, who is now engaged to a 19-year-old bait shop worker from California, announced an additional change to her life that we hope is for the better.

As we reported earlier this month, Bynes was allegedly kicked out of FIDM for misbehavior. This includes cheating, chronic absences, and showing up to class high.

While the former child star was maintaining a low profile as a student, she has recently made waves with a string of erratic behavior. From talking to herself during a solo dinner, to haphazardly riding a bike through NYC and being arrested for a DUI, the 28-year-old’s return to the limelight feels uncomfortably familiar.

However, perhaps some of the reports surrounding Amanda are untrue? According to the actress herself, they are.

And so, following Amanda’s advice and the infallible Golden Rule, I can only say that I wish her the best with her recovery and future plans.