Lady Gaga Is Shy, Guys

Lady Gaga is many things: talented singer, No. 1 album-haver, slave to a dog. But most of all, Lady Gaga is a shy girl. So shy! Don’t look at her! Look at today’s winning captions instead.

“Excuse me! I had Mexican food for lunch!” – Monika

“I’m ashamed of what I have on please don’t look!!!!” – April

“Running Away From Paps Before They Ask Me About Artpop Sales” – Harish

“Annie turn goth” – Molly

“Im a little teapot…..”  – Carolyn

“Is my Venus showing?” – Lauren

“OMG there’s my crush” – Lonwabo

“Ops! I look like an ear of corn – don’t look” – Marsha

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