Amanda Bynes Allegedly Attacks Fan

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Amanda Bynes’ troubling behavior continues.

The same night that the former Nickelodeon star demanded one fan to delete her photo taken while she was at a New York City nightclub, she also attacked another female partygoer, TMZ reports. According to the website, Bynes has been accused of allegedly assaulting a bar patron at the Gilded Lily on Monday.

The 28-year-old reportedly showed up at the Chelsea hotspot alone, where she was seen dancing by herself in a pair of dark sunglasses. When fans started snapping photos of her, Bynes started to yell at partygoers before she “finally snapped on one woman who claims Bynes spun toward her violently, scratching her neck and arms.”

The unnamed woman says she’s still a fan and does not think she’ll press charges against the embattled star. TMZ also reports that Bynes was seen limping around Bloomingdale’s in one shoe and “mumbling incoherently” the following day.

This alleged attack comes just a week after Bynes was arrested for her second DUI in 29 months. Previously, she was booked on charges of reckless endangerment and criminal possession of marijuana after allegedly throwing a bong out of a NYC high-rise. She was admitted to a treatment facility after she started a small fire on a neighbor’s driveway in July 2013 and put into a psych hold at a medical center.

According to the actress, she’s currently engaged to a 19-year-old bait shop worker and plans to transfer NYU or Columbia after she was kicked out of FIDM for cheating.

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