Clean Bandit’s Grace Chatto Chats About Band’s Growing Popularity and Hit Song ‘Rather Be’

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2014 has been the year of Clean Bandit. The band’s career has reached new heights this year, thanks to their hit song with Jess Glynne, “Rather Be.”

The English electronic band that is Clean Bandit consists of cellist Grace Chatto, bass guitar and keyboard player Jack Patterson, drummer Luke Patterson, and violinist Milan “Neil” Amin-Smith. We were lucky enough to talk to Grace about the group, and she told us how they’re feeling about the band’s growing popularity. Check out what Grace had to say in the interview below!

Celebuzz: Could you tell us how your group came together?

Grace Chatto: It came together about six years ago when we were studying at the University (Jesus College, University of Cambridge) together. We were all studying different things, not music. But, I had known Neil a little bit from when we were children and we used to play classical music together in our local orchestra at the Royal Academy of Music in London. I just asked him if he would like to play some classical stuff with me. So we got together like that and did loads of stuff, and then Jack came on board. Jack was experimenting with writing music at the time and we wanted to play something together, and this is what kind of came out. It wasn’t really a plan to mix classical music with dance music. It was more of just we were friends and we wanted to do something together.

Celebuzz: It must be really nice to work with friends. Do you enjoy it?

Grace Chatto: Yeah I enjoy it! It’s really nice to be touring together. I think it makes it more fun definitely. But, also when things go wrong it can be hard. Harder than if we were just acquaintances I guess.

Celebuzz: How would you describe your style of music?

Grace Chatto: I can’t really describe it because the album is going off in different stylistic areas. I think it’s Garrix house, pop, with classical strings.

Celebuzz: Do you have a dream vocalist you would like to collaborate with?

Grace Chatto: Yeah I do! Shakira would be amazing. There’s also a new British singer called Kwabs and he’s amazing.

Celebuzz: The “Rather Be” video has over 140 million views on YouTube. How happy does that make you?

Grace Chatto: Yeah it’s kinda crazy! It’s really cool because we make the videos ourselves. We made that video in Japan and it was such an intense experience. Me and Jack make the videos and we were walking around trying to put Neil on this part with the violin. It was also crazy because we don’t speak Japanese and it was a crazy experience. So now seeing it is so surreal after having gone through that, producing it in such a kind of hectic way.

Celebuzz: Did you think that “Rather Be” would be a big hit when you were making it? Did you have a special feeling that this would be your breakout song?

Grace Chatto: We were playing it at festivals around the UK before we recorded it, and when we were playing it live we felt it stood out from the other new songs that we had at the time. That’s why we decided to release it because everyone was kind of smiling and singing along, even though they were hearing it for the first time. That’s why we decided to release it, but we definitely had no idea it would be a global hit. Even in the UK we had no idea it would go to No. 1 and stay there for a month, it was really exciting.

Celebuzz: Being that you started in the UK, was it exciting when the song made the Billboard Hot 100 in the US?

Grace Chatto: Yeah so exciting. We came to America for the first time a couple of months ago and we did two really small shows, one in LA and one in New York. It was such an amazing experience, the audience was just so lovely. Being in America so far from home and playing the songs and having people sing them back, it was just so amazing.

Clean Bandit just finished up their shows in the US and now they’re on tour in the UK. But Grace told us that they’re always working on new music! She revealed that even when they’re on tour they’re still, “Writing new stuff all of the time and recoding little bits on the tour bus.”

We can’t wait to hear more music from Clean Bandit! Are you a fan of this group? Sound off in the comments!

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