Kylie Jenner Enjoys Sushi ‘Date’ With Tyga

Justin and Kylie?!
Justin Bieber posts intimate selfie with Kylie Jenner.
Things are definitely heating up between Kylie Jenner and her alleged new flame Tyga.

The duo was spotted having sushi together in Hollywood earlier this week, and sources are claiming it was most definitely a date… However the word “date” has to be used carefully.

Since Kylie is only 17-years-old and Tyga is 25-years-old, things are very sensitive.  A friend of the rapper’s told TMZ that the two are not “physical” due to the fact that, well, it would be illegal.

Another source claims that if anyone alleges sexual contact between the two, he will deny it.  However, in private, he admits he’s dating the Keeping Up With the Kardashians reality star.

Rumors about the couple began circulating in September after photogs spotted them together several times throughout the summer.

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