Watch: Jay Z’s Response to Tourist Who Doesn’t Know His Name Will Make Your Day

Bey & Jay at MIA
Beyonce and Jay Z cuddle at Made in America Festival.
This video is hilarious.

Jay Z and Beyonce are currently in Paris with their daughter, Blue Ivy. Yesterday, the family went to the Louvre and their arrival was caught on camera by one tourist. It turns out, the tourist was a little unsure about who he was seeing. This tourist filmed a video of the family walking towards the Louvre and after Jay Z walks by you hear him ask, “Who is he?” What Jay Z says next is just epic! Take a look at the video to hear Jay Z’s response! 

The above video shows Jay Z holding Blue Ivy while walking towards the Louvre. As the family walks by, you hear the tourist ask security, “Who is he?” Then, you see Jay Z turn after hearing the question and he replies, “Who are you?” LOL!

You also see Beyonce in the video, taking pictures with her camera and looking flawless as usual. Just another day in the life of the world’s coolest family!

Check out the video to see how it all went down! After you watch the video, let us know what you think! Did this video make you laugh? Sound off in the comments!

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