Emmy Rossum Reveals What’s on Her Bucket List, Talks ‘Inspirational’ New Movie ‘You’re Not You’

Emmy Rossum's career evolution wrapped up in a bow.
Emmy Rossum is taking over Hollywood. When she’s not working on her TV show, Shameless, she’s starring in amazing movies. Her latest? You’re Not You, a story that’s truly about the friendship that develops between two women named Kate (Hilary Swank) and Bec (Emmy). Kate is a classical pianist who is diagnosed with ALS, and this movie follows her journey and her friendship with her caregiver, Bec.

We had the chance to chat with Emmy at the You’re Not You premiere in Los Angeles last night, and she talked to us all about her new movie. Emmy called the movie “inspirational” and even talked about working with Hilary! Plus, Emmy even revealed what’s on her bucket list! Get all of the details in the interview below!

Emmy’s career is on fire right now, she’s working constantly and booking roles left and right. So, what was it about You’re Not You that stood out to her? Emmy revealed, “I loved the story between the two women, the friendship. How they kind of inspire each other to really be their most authentic selves. And, if you had a doctor tell you you only had a certain amount of time to live, what would you do? Who would you be? Would you do everything on your bucket list? Would that change and be something completely different than you imagined?” Emmy stopped when she saw Hilary on the red carpet and said, “Wow she looks so pretty.” She then continued, “So for me, it was a lot about the friendship and who you surround yourself with. It was kind of inspirational.”

In the movie, Emmy and Hilary’s characters develop a very strong friendship. When you see the film, you’ll be blown away by their performances. Emmy and Hilary had such a strong connection in the movie that it felt as if they’d been friends for years. So, we wanted to know, had they met before filming this movie together? Emmy revealed, “We were on the cover of Interview magazine together in ’05 and we’d met at some Hollywood functions and stuff, but not really. And so, we kind of just dove into it and approached it similarly to our characters, so kind of just dive in.”

This movie is all about living life to its fullest and going after your dreams. So, what’s on Emmy’s bucket list? She told us, “Nothing like skydiving or anything crazy. I’d like to have an apartment in New York, I’d like to have a family. I’d like to steal on of (Hilary’s) Oscars. You know, all in a days work.”

Is an Oscar something she aspires to achieve? Emmy told us, “No. I aspire to do things that inspire other people and that are moving and special to me. And, if that comes it comes and if not, that’s fine with me to.” We think she definitely achieved that with this movie!

You can check out You’re Not You in theaters and On Demand on Oct. 10. Watch a trailer for the film HERE! Plus, enter our You’re Not You giveaway HERE!