Jennifer Lawrence Thinks Jay Z and Beyoncé are ‘King and Queen of America’

J-Law Gif Party
J-Law brings the J-LOLs.
Jennifer Lawrence: she’s just like us.

She has a problem quitting junk food, she gets star struck and she loves reality TV.

On Thursday, Vanity Fair released a new video from its lengthy November 2014 cover story with the Oscar winner.

As if we needed another reason to love J. Law, the rapid-fire portion of the interview reveals some of her biggest fears and addictions:

She’s afraid of spiders and ghosts: “I wouldn’t say I am afraid of ghosts as I am paranoid about ghosts.”

Cool Ranch Doritos is your way to J.Law’s heart: “I’ve been trying to ween myself off Cool Ranch Doritos and move onto Pirate’s Booty. It’s just not doing the trick.”

Meeting Jay Z brought out her inner fan girl: ‘You could see my knees bouncing up and down.”

American royalty comes in pairs: “[Jay Z and Beyoncé] are king and queen of America — of music. And Brad and Angelina are king and queen of movies. I think.”

She recently had a Real Housewives revelation: “I thought there was no beating Atlanta or New Jersey.”

Watch the full interview, above. And pick up the November 2014 issue of Vanity Fair for the cover story.