Nick Cannon on Amanda Bynes: “This is Somebody Who Needs Help”

Despite his very public divorce and all the media scrutiny surrounding it, Nick Cannon is more upset over how people are treating Amanda Bynes these days.

The America’s Got Talent host opened up about his longtime friend, admitting that he believes she needs help.  However, he also reveals that he’s saddened by how the media is covering her situation.

“I spoke out about it before because I felt like people started to make fun of her,” he explains to HuffPo, opening up about his public statement last year.  “People started to think it was entertaining, and they were making jokes on late night shows.”

He continues saying, “If this was a person who was in a mental hospital, would you do the same thing?  Just because this is someone that is a public figure, we think that it’s fun to make fun of her.  But no.  This is someone who needs help.”

And Bynes did seek help for a long period of time over the last year, taking medication and under the supervision of her family.   But when her parents’ temporary conservatorship ended in September, she fell back into to her old ways, getting a DUI, fighting photographers and even getting engaged to a 19-year-old no one ever even knew she was dating.

“I mean, my heart goes out to her,” Nick says.  “I pray for her daily.”

Launch the video above to watch his full statement.