‘Tomorrowland’ Trailer: Let George Clooney Take You to a Secret Place

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Here is your first look at Walt Disney Pictures’ sci-fi picture Tomorrowland, starring George Clooney as a former smarty-pants. An inventor who’s no longer inventing, if you will.

While Mr. Clooney appears for a brief moment in the nearly two-minute trailer, unveiled Thursday, his voice towers over the gorgeous landscape of a place “where you could actually change the world.”

Tomorrowland, which bears the same name of the futuristic themed attraction at Disneyland, follows a young girl (Britt Robertson) and her journey to a place somewhere in time and space (Tomorrowland). Clooney’s character, Frank, has been long exiled from this place.

“Age will make you a little more cynical, a little more of a curmudgeon. Something happened to him,” screenwriter Damon Lindelof told Entertainment Weekly. “So how did this young idealistic kid become someone who is world-weary and borderline antagonistic about the future? He’s a very grumpy Obi-Wan Kenobi character—minus the beard.”

Expectations are high for the picture, thanks to a couple of other big names. In addition to Lindelof (Star Trek Into DarknessLostThe Leftovers), the film has Brad Bird (The IncrediblesThe Iron GiantRatatouille) for a director, producer and screenwriter.

Hugh Laurie, Kathryn Hahn, Tim McGraw (?) and Judy Greer also star in the pic.

Tomorrowland opens in theaters on May 22, 2015. Watch the first trailer, above.