WATCH: Justin Bieber Parties With Group of Girls in Rome, Demands Onlookers Not to Take his Photo

Controversial Bieber
Justin Bieber's most controversial moments.
Lots of things are confusing when it comes to Justin Bieber… But one thing is for sure: He really hates when people take his photo.

The 20-year-old singer–who’s gotten in a multitude of altercations surrounding people snapping photos and videos of him–was enjoying himself at a bar in Rome the other night when he stopped the party to demand that attendees put their phones away.

Bieber was surrounded by a group of women–no Selena Gomez in sight–dancing and having a grand ol’ time when what appears to be one of his security guards snaps at a party goer who keeps snapping pictures of the singer and tells her, “Get that fucking camera out of my face.”

Beiber runs over to the guard, and you can see him put his hands up and say “stop, stop, stop” (probably due to the harsh scrutiny and legal troubles his crew has been under lately).

Bieber then grabs the mic from the DJ and pleads with the crowd in what started off as a polite request, “Please stop taking pictures.  Just enjoy your night, have some fun, but put your cameras down.”

But when a group of guys refuse to stop recording, he gets annoyed, looks right at them and demands, “I see you dudes in the back… looking like some groupies.  Just put your phones down, man.”

Bieber has had several issues with the snooping photographers in his past, often resulting in violent outcomes.  Most recently he allegedly punched a photog while attending Paris Fashion Week.

Watch the video above to see the full incident play out in the club.