Wendy Williams Made Some Questionable Comments About Jennifer Lawrence’s Leaked Nudes

JLaw Hacked Again
Hackers post naked photos on Jennifer Lawrence's Wikipedia page.
Nudes Leak Responses
Jennifer Lawrence and others respond to invasion of privacy.
Jennifer Lawrence’s privacy was violated when hackers stole naked photos from her iCloud account and posted them online without permission. The actress, who kept quiet on the matter after the initial nudes leak, recently broke her silence in Vanity Fair, where she called the hacking a “sex crime” and that it should be her choice to determine who gets to see her body.

For the misinformed Wendy Williams, she didn’t see it that way and the daytime talk show host made some cringe-worthy comments about Lawrence’s article.

Here are just some of highlights taken from a recent episode:

“It’s not your choice. It’s in the Cloud and I’ve looked several times. So I guess I’m disgusting for looking?”

No, Wendy. It is her choice. The fact that her right to choose was taken away by those who posted her private material online without consent is disgusting part. What may be more disgusting — and perhaps, disturbing — is that someone who then goes on to recall “waking up in cold sweat” after dreaming about her own hypothetical nudes getting leaked can’t sympathize with how Lawrence is feeling post-hacking.

“Don’t sweat this, young lady. I mean, you’re the one who took the pictures.”

Because having your privacy grossly violated in front of millions is nothing to worry about, right? It shouldn’t matter who took the photos. It should matter that those photos — which were stored a private iCloud account — were stolen and shared around the Internet.

“In my opinion, if she would just stop talking about the Cloud and the naked pictures, it would go away. We’d all forget about.”

At the time of this episode, Lawrence herself only made one statement about the matter, which was published in the Vanity Fair article Williams was talking about in the segment. The actress’ lawyer made a statement on her behalf at the time of the initial leak.

In all, there has only been two official comments about the situation. Let’s contrast that to the multiple female celebrities who were affected by the hacking, shall we? Is this an issue we should stop talking about and sweep under the rug then?

“Besides, Jen, you don’t look bad under your clothes.” 

One’s attractiveness should not determine whether or not it’s okay for one’s privacy to be violated. The hacking was not okay. Period.

“I think the ‘hackilation’ has actually made [her] career hotter, because she was red hot before but now it’s just ‘heat-seeking missile’ hot.”

Lawrence was been nominated for two Academy Award and actually won one before the hacking. Her career was “red hot” because of her craft, not because a group of horrible people decided to steal her private information.

However, Williams isn’t the only one to have reacted questionably to the nudes leak that rocked Hollywood: Perez Hilton, who frequently appears on Williams’ talk show as a correspondent, was one of the few celebrity bloggers to actually publish Lawrence’s nude photos. At the time, Perez gushed about how “hot” the stolen photos were and that it was “no big deal” they were on the Internet. After much backlash, Hilton removed the images and issued out an apology.

So, maybe there is hope that Williams will rethink her words. Watch her full speech about Lawrence — below.