Amanda Bynes Dances and Gets Touchy With Security Guard in Shoplifting Video

Amanda's Bizarre Dinner
Amanda Bynes was talking to herself during solo dinner.
Just before getting busted for shoplifting at Barneys, Amanda Bynes attempted to steal a shirt at women’s boutique Pookie & Sebastian.

What ensued was the actress getting caught by an employee, then being searched by a security guard. However, according to a security video released by TMZ, Amanda chose to dance her troubles away throughout the process.

Although the video lacks audio, it appears from her movements that the 28-year-old is completely unfazed. During the encounter, she lightly prances, twirls and pops her booty.

At one point, she gets handsy with the security guard who searches her, wrapping her arms around his shoulders and slowly clawing at his back. The store has not filed charges.

Click on the video above to watch all of the security footage – but be warned, it may easily put a damper on your day.

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