Amanda Bynes Hospitalized, Placed on Involuntary Psychiatric Hold

Amanda's Bizarre Dinner
Amanda Bynes was talking to herself during solo dinner.
Amanda Bynes has been hospitalized after landing back in Los Angeles, according to TMZ.

After a troubled trip to New York, Amanda landed back in LA and was taken to a hospital. Doctors at the hospital placed her on an involuntary psychiatric hold.

Amanda thought the car service that picked her up from the airport was taking her to the London Hotel. Instead, the car took her to the Pasadena Hospital. This was an arrangement that her parents planned ahead of time and their lawyer, Tamar Arminak, was waiting with doctors when Amanda arrived at the hospital. Amanda was placed on a 5150 hold and will be held there for 72 hours.

The hold can be extended for 14 days and it’s being reported during that time another conservatorship could be set in place.

In a video on the TMZ website, Amanda talks about suing her parents and says many terrible things about her father. She also says she wants to, “be like Marilyn Monroe one day.” The video definitely shows that she is in need of help.

We told you earlier, Amanda had a hard time getting back to LA, it was reported that she was kicked out of LaGuardia airport in New York after screaming at a ticket agent. After being kicked out of LaGuardia, Amanda then went to John F. Kennedy airport to catch a flight to LA.

It’s been a day of bizarre behavior for Amanda. Earlier today, Amanda took to Twitter to accuse her father of both verbally and physically abusing her. After Amanda sent the tweets, her mother released a statement denying the accusations. Then, Amanda went back on Twitter and retracted her claims.

After landing back in LA, Amanda was taken to the hospital. Let’s hope she can get the help she needs to recover.

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