Ariana Grande: The Queen to Big Sean’s King? Rapper Gifts Singer With Matching Lion Chain

Ariana Talks Big Sean
Ariana Grande opens up about her new boyfriend.
They can play coy for as long as they want, but there’s no denying Ariana Grande and Big Sean are an item… Especially now that they’re buying each other jewelry!

Just a few days after the duo was spotted kissing at Universal Studios in Hollywood, we found they’ve also been sporting matching necklaces.

Big Sean has been rocking a lion pendant on a gold chain since he hit it big in the industry, and it seems he made things official with Grande by giving her a mini version of her own!

The songstress took to Instagram earlier this week to share a selfie, and you can clearly see the gold necklace.  A source tells E! News that the gift represents her “special connection” with her rapper beau.

“Big Sean and Ariana Grande have been spending a lot of time together over the past few months,” the source explains.  “He got her that necklace because he felt that it represents a special meaning between both of them. Ariana would always compliment him on his necklace and when he got it for her it was his special gift. She loved it!”

Big Sean’s lion chain has been a staple piece to his wardrobe–In fact, it was the first real chain he bought himself.  In 2012, he told GQ, “The lion is just king of everything, man. The lion doesn’t take any shit from anybody. It’s well-respected, cares about his family…know what I’m saying? It just really represents me perfectly, man… It’s very strong, everything I want to be—everything I am, rather.”

So, if I’m reading between the lines here, it seems the rapper is showing the world Ariana is a part of his family… His lioness, his queen!

Meanwhile, both artists have maintained a low-key profile when it comes to their “situation,” not giving anyone a hard yes or no about whether or not they’re a couple.

Big Sean, however, did give us some insight last month, telling Ryan Seacrest,  “I’m going to tell you this: Ariana is very, very special.  She’s very special to me. Everything she has going on is good with her, everything I have going on is good with me, everything between me and her is good, and I’m just going to leave it at that.”