Iggy Azalea is Getting a Divorce From Sex Tape Partner, Didn’t Know They Were Married in the First Place

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By all accounts, getting a divorce is a long and painful process. But getting a divorce when you didn’t even realize you were married? And to the man who’s trying to sell your sex tape?

It must be tough to be Iggy Azalea right now.

TMZ is reporting that Hefe Wine, Iggy’s ex-boyfriend, has filed for divorce from their common-law marriage. If the elegant name rings a bell for you, it’s possibly because Hefe is being sued by Iggy for attempting to distribute their sex tape and stealing her music.

Now here’s a fun fact about Texas common-law marriages: “a man and a woman who live together for any length of time are considered legally married if they agree to be married and hold themselves out to others as husband and wife,” explains TMZ.

And according to Hefe Wine, he and the “Fancy” rapper met these criteria by living together in Texas from 2008 to 2013.

However, Iggy Azalea’s team claims that there was never a marriage agreement. We hope this is the case, because if the judge decides to recognize their marriage, Iggy will be forced to split the rights to her music with Hefe – a loss that ranks in the millions.

Good luck, Iggy – we’re pulling for you to get through what may be the strangest divorce case we’ve ever seen.

UPDATE: Iggy has tweeted that she is definitely NOT married.