Jason Ritter Talks Filming Sex Scene with Emmy Rossum for ‘You’re Not You’

Emmy Rossum's career evolution wrapped up in a bow.
When actors have to film a sex scene for a movie, it’s understandably awkward. Imagine filming a scene like that, with someone you’ve never even met before! That’s what happened to Jason Ritter and Emmy Rossum on their new movie, You’re Not You!

We interviewed Jason at the You’re Not You premiere in Los Angeles, and he talked to us all about the movie. Jason even revealed what it was like filming THAT scene with Emmy. Find out what Jason had to say in the interview below!

This movie is a story about a classical pianist named Kate (Hilary Swank) who is diagnosed with ALS. She hires a girl named (Bec) to be her caregiver, and the movie follows their journey and their friendship together. Jason plays Emmy’s one-night stand that tries to turn their relationship into something more.

Actors must read a ton of scripts, so what made Jason want to be a part of this movie? He revealed, “I think the characters all were really realistic to me, and they all seemed three-dimensional. Every time I thought, ‘Oh this is the part of the movie where this happens or he wins her over,’ I was wrong. So I was really interested in those twists and turns. Also, to hear that Hilary Swank, who I think is one of the finest actors around, was doing it, that was really exciting. And then the more I heard about the cast, Emmy and Josh (Duhamel) and all of these incredible actors. I just was like, ‘How can I weasel my way in?'”

During filming, Jason had a shoot a sex scene with Emmy. So, had the two met before filming? “No I don’t think we had met,” Jason revealed to us. “Yeah I think we met on this movie. She’s so fantastic, she’s really sweet and a wonderful actress.”

Since they hadn’t met, did they do some icebreakers before shooting the intense scene? Jason revealed, “It was pretty intense! But, as you can see, I’m a little overwhelmed so I basically just followed her lead. She’s supposed to be the fiery spear-header of that experience. So, she was basically telling me what do to and I was following her direction as well as I could.”

You can watch You’re Not You today in theaters and On Demand!

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