What We Learned From the Palin Fight Police Report: Do NOT Mess With Bristol

Bristol VS. The Heckler
Sarah Palin's daughter faces one of her mom's vocal critics.
Bristol Palin: mother to a young child, former Dancing with the Stars contestant, and ferocious street fighter.

We reported earlier that the Palins were involved in a beer-fueled fistfight at a snowmobile-sponsored party in Anchorage. At least three Palins engaged in fisticuffs that night, but if police documents are to be believed, Bristol emerges as the clear champion of them all.

According to the 23-year-old’s statements to police, she was attending a birthday party when her sister Willow told her that she had been pushed by an older woman. After Bristol confronted the mystery woman, party host Korey Klingenmeyer pushed Bristol to the ground and called her a “slut” and “c–t.”

Bad call, Korey, bad call.

Bristol reportedly punched Korey multiple times in the face, and didn’t stop until he intercepted her fist of fury and knocked her onto the ground again.

After noticing Bristol was swinging fists, brother Track and father Todd got involved. Todd was allegedly jumped by four people and suffered from a bloody nose. Track was escorted out of the party with a torn shirt and bleeding mouth.

And how was Bristol?

“Uninjured, though one cop described her as having ‘dirt on her knees,’” reports E! News.

Lesson learned: don’t mess with the Palin family – but if you must, pick anyone other than Bristol.