The Man Behind Amanda Bynes’ Psych Hold Was Also Responsible For Britney Spears’ 2008 Meltdown

Amanda's Bizarre Dinner
Amanda Bynes was talking to herself during solo dinner.
As we reported yesterday, Amanda Bynes’ recent string of concerning behavior culminated in an involuntary psychiatric hold in Los Angeles.

TMZ has new details about how the actress’ parents created a successful “ruse” for their daughter – and their plans involve a name that might sound dangerously familiar to you.

Sam Lutfi, Britney Spears’ former manager, is allegedly the liaison who worked with Amanda’s parents to convince the 28-year-old to fly out to LA. Lutfi’s name has been surrounded by controversy after many blamed his irresponsible managing for Britney’s 2008 meltdown and psychiatric hold.

So, how did he contribute to Amanda’s hospitalization? TMZ claims that Sam contacted Amanda on Thursday, telling the former child star that he would connect her with a lawyer in LA so that she could sue her parents.

Lutfi explained to Amanda that she would be driven to a lawyer’s office before dropping her off at a hotel – however, she was taken straight to a Pasadena hospital instead.

Bynes briefly commented on her relationship with Lutfi yesterday, seemingly confirming the reports of a lawyer ruse:

Last time I trusted Lutfi he put me in a conservatorship which ended in August I’m not stupid. You are all listening to my brain…I can handle Sam, he just flew me back to LA and I’m going to meet some sick lawyers.

We’ll keep you updated as the story continues.