And Now, We Present Photos of Kim Kardashian Going Braless in a Sheer Top

Kim Kardashian flaunts series skin in a new selfie.
There’s not much to say about these photos, other than: BOOBS.

Kim Kardashian’s boobs, to be specific. Kim Kardashian’s almost-bare boobs enjoying the temperate Los Angeles weather while on a date with Kanye West.

What could be the motive behind Kim’s daring sartorial decision?

Did she forsake her bra, one of the debated trappings of the patriarchy, to take a silent feminist stand? Or did she do it so that her boobs could more freely engage in deep conversation with Yeezus? (At one point, Kanye is clearly seen mid-sentence with Kim’s cleavage.)

No matter the reason, it appears that Kimye and Kim’s chest enjoyed their date night. The couple later met up with Kendall Jenner to catch a film. “Movie night with @KendallJenner @kanyewest! Saw Gone Girl…. OMG it’s crazy,” Kim tweeted.

We hope the air conditioning in the theater wasn’t set too low.