Amanda Bynes is ‘Disconnected From Reality,’ Parents Are ‘Happy She’s Safe’

As Amanda Bynes continued to make headlines for her concerning behavior, we learned that the actress’ parents were often as surprised as the rest of the world.

Rick and Lynn Bynes have taken a careful stance with the public, speaking up to say they “know nothing” and to defend Rick against Amanda’s incest allegations. Now, a source claims that the couple is breathing a sigh of relief.

“They’re happy she’s safe and that Amanda is finally getting some help,” revealed a source. Rick and Lynn successfully intervened last week when they had their daughter admitted to a Pasadena treatment center.

The source also confirms that Amanda’s current mental state is unstable: the 28-year-old “is erratic and disconnected from reality,” they stated.

“When she is in one of these states, her anger and frustration is directed towards her father,” they added, likely referring to Amanda’s tweets that accused her father of sexual and verbal abuse. The actress’ disturbing tweets prompted her parents to make an official statement, and to deceive Amanda into undergoing treatment.

As of Friday, the former child star is currently under an involuntary psychiatric hold at Pasadena Hospital. Her 72-hour hold ends this afternoon, at which point the hospital can choose to extend Amanda’s stay.