Amanda Bynes’ Psychiatric Hold Extended

Amanda Bynes psychiatric hold at the Las Encinas Hospital has been extended.

The 28-year-old actress was involuntarily placed on a 72-hour hold on Friday after exhibiting several acts of bizarre behavior.  Now the hold has reportedly been extended for an additional two weeks.

The Bynes’ family attorney Tamar Arminak confirmed to Reuters over the weekend that the actress was, in fact, placed on a 5150 hold during which another conservatorship may be set in place.

Bynes entered treatment last week after a slew of unnatural behavior–the worst of which she alleged her father Rick Bynes had sexually abused her.

Evidence that Amanda was slipping back into her old ways began after she was arrested for a DUI last month.  Shortly after, she was kicked out of school and was even caught shoplifting.

When Bynes’ parents attempted to reach her in New York, the actress fled the state and headed back to California–not before getting escorted out of one NY airport.  Upon arriving in Los Angeles, the actress assumed her lawyer would be taking her to the London Hotel, but instead checked her into the Pasadena hospital.

More news to come…