Chris Brown Tweets His Thoughts on Ebola

Drake & Chris Brown
The former enemies were spotted in the studio together.
While laughter is often the only cure for dealing with some of the world’s scariest things, there are just some boundaries you can’t cross… And I’d say Ebola is one of them right now.

But Leave it to Chris Brown to stir up controversy surrounding the epidemic with just one tweet.

On Monday, the 25-year-old singer decided to share his thoughts about the virus, which has reached a death toll of nearly 4,000, and sparked some serious outrage from those concerned about the disease.

Of course, Brown was just trying to be funny (I hope)… But when your name is Chris Brown, and you’re not exactly the most liked human on the planet, you’re bound to get bashed.


So he immediately backtracked on his statement and said he’d keep his mouth shut… Ouch!

Meanwhile, several other celebrities have used humor to discuss the serious issue that surround Ebola.  Just last week, Sarah Silverman joked about it during her appearance on Saturday Night Live, turning it into an idea for a new movie: The Fault in Our Ebola. (I know you chuckled at that…)

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