First Listen: Taylor Swift Teases ‘Out of the Woods’ on Good Morning America

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Taylor Swift’s second single from 1989 doesn’t officially drop until Monday night, but because no one’s ever complained about previews, here’s a snippet of “Out of the Woods,” courtesy of Good Morning America.

Over the weekend, Swift posted the following on Twitter:


And then this happened:

Last week, the 24-year-old entertainer announced “Out of the Woods” as the follow-up release to 1989’s first hit, “Shake It Off.”

Fans and gossipmongers alike will of course be closely listening to the track’s lyrics, since Rolling Stone’s September cover story hinted at the real inspiration for the song: her ex Harry Styles.

“This was a relationship where I was kind of, living day to day, wondering where it was going . . . if it was going to go anywhere, if it was going to end the next day,” the singer-songwriter tells GMA in a new interview. “It was a relationship where you, kind of, never feel like you’re standing on solid ground.”

Swift was just named the 2014 Billboard Woman of the Year. Something tells me it’s going to be another stellar album season for the singer.

What do you all think of “Out of the Woods” so far? Are you looking forward to the rest of 1989?