Nick Jonas Releases Two Sexy New Songs, Sings About Getting Naked

Come on with Nick Jonas right now!

First he taunts us with some outrageously hot, half-naked pictures; then he reads a snippet of Fifty Shades of Grey for us to drool over; and now he just released two seriously sexy new tunes we don’t know what we’ll do with…

The songs “Teacher” and “Wilderness” reflect Jonas’ new, super cool style–disco-inspired, pop-soul type music that bring Justin Timberlake together with Adam Levine and even a hint of Michael Jackson.

However, it’s not really the sound we’re into; more so the lyrics, which not only heighten our imagination but send us into a fury of emotions that really just make us want to get down and dirty on the dance floor.

In “Teacher” Jonas gets groovy over the object of his affection, singing sexily, “When you act like this, it’s like your mama never told you how to love / So let me teach ya.”

On the other hand, “Wilderness” gets way more sensual.  Jonas talks to his girl about taking her body “back to basics” and alluding to getting “naked as the day we were born.”