Taylor Swift (Probably) Sings About Harry Styles Relationship on New Single, ‘Out of the Woods’

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Swift opens up about having babies some day.
Taylor Swift already sent the haters packing with “Shake It Off,” the first single from her upcoming fourth album, 1989, so what’s next for the former-country-now-pop singer? Late last night, Swift shared the second single from 1989, the Harry Styles-referencing “Out of the Woods.” (Despite being released, like, 30 seconds ago, it’s already No. 1 on iTunes, because, hello, it’s Taylor Swift.)

The song supposedly references the time Swift spent dating Styles — talking about ex-boyfriends in songs is a Swift staple — and specifically a snowmobile accident the two apparently lived through. (The bridge of the song includes the lyrics: “Remember when you hit the breaks too soon / 20 stitches and a hospital room.”)

“Out of the Woods” was co-written with fun.’s Jack Antonoff, which explains its stadium-ready epicness. Listen below.

What do you think of Swift’s second single? Her best yet?