Watch: Selena Gomez Speeds Around on ATV While Spending Time Away From Justin Bieber

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Selena Gomez is spending some time away from Justin Bieber.

The 22-year-old “Slow Down” singer was just in Texas visiting family, and she blew off some steam by speeding around on an ATV. Gomez’s cousin, Priscilla DeLeon, posted a video to Instagram of Gomez riding an ATV with DeLeon’s boyfriend, Jay Cosme. Check out the video to see Gomez driving the ATV!

It seems as though Gomez and Bieber are spending some time apart after hitting a rough patch. Though, that could change by the end of the day, you never know with these two! But, Gomez did just spend the weekend visiting family in Texas without Bieber.

Gomez’s cousin uploaded a video of the singer taking a ride on an ATV. DeLeon is currently pregnant, so she used the caption to comment on Selena’s fast driving with the father of her baby on the back of the ATV! The caption reads, “Typical day in the country. #Hethrewupafter #hesteppedinstickerswhilethrowingup #hergodchildwillNOTridewithherinacar” LOL.


Typical day in the country. #Hethrewupafter #hesteppedinstickerswhilethrowingup #hergodchildwillNOTridewithherinacar

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It does look like Selena’s going really fast, maybe she should just slow down a little bit! Did you see what we did there? What do you think of Selena’s ATV driving skills? Sound off in the comments! 

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