Brad Pitt Gets Rugged for Details, Glad He Doesn’t ‘Suck at Being a Dad’

Brad Pitt: Scarf Lover
See pics of Brad in his fave accessory.
Actor Brad Pitt covers the November 2014 issue of Details magazine and looks handsomely rugged while doing so.

Pitt is good at many things, but there is one thing he is most proud of.

“I’ve discovered I don’t suck at being a dad,” Brad, 50, told Details.

The father of six has traveled the world with his family and has little time alone, but when he can get away, he gravitates towards the California Redwoods.

“I will always be most comfortable in the outdoors,” Brad revealed to Details.

I grew up in the Ozarks — something resembling Mark Twain country. The woods, rivers, bluffs, lakes, and caves have all left an indelible mark on me,” the 50-year-old actor explains. “And I’m quite reverential when it comes to a tree. On my forearm, I had tattooed 94.9m (311.4ft) — the height of the largest sequoia.”

Brad does love spending time riding his motorcycle. “I try to carve out time for a solo ride in every country I travel to, from the Highlands of Scotland to the Atlas Mountains of Morocco to the belly of India. I haven’t even come close to fulfilling my list — yet,” he reveals. “But, in the traffic of L.A. with a helmet on, I’m just another asshole on the road.”

Brad has spent a ton of time behind the wheel of a bike. “I first rode at age 7 on my cousin’s Honda Mini Trail 50. I tried to jump it and ran it into my grandmother’s car,” he recalls. “He was severely pissed off. My first bike was a Kawi 150 enduro. I won it at age 12 in a contest for selling the most pecan log rolls door to door after school. I crashed it four weeks later.”

Live and learn.

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