Fans Post ‘Harry Styles Threw Up Here’ Sign on LA Freeway, Sell One Direction Singer’s Vomit Online

Harry Shirtless
Harry Styles strips down while on vacation.
Yes, this is real life.

Remember a few days ago when we told you about Harry Styles throwing up on the side of a major Los Angeles freeway? Well, now fans have made a sign where the 20-year-old One Direction singer threw up, and it’s even being reported that people are trying to sell Harry’s vomit online!

Over the weekend, Harry was spotted out in Los Angeles, partying the night away. The next day, Harry had to pull over on the side of the 101 Freeway in LA so he could throw up!

After pictures of the incident were posted online, fans found the spot where Harry vomited and put up a sign! Check out this picture posted on Twitter!

Now, it’s being reported that people are selling Harry’s vomit online! BBC Radio 1 even posted a tweet about it, check it out below!

What do you think about this news? Would you buy your idol’s vomit online?

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