ICYMI: Michelle Obama and a Turnip are Vine Stars Now

First Lady in Red
Michelle Obama wows in Jason Wu again at the 2013 Inaugural Ball.
Lil Jon’s powerhouse hit is getting some serious White House play these days.

Just ask First Lady Michelle Obama, who used “Turn Down for What” during an #AskTheFirstLady Vine segment.

The question comes from Alphacat (whose real name is Iman Crosson and does a sick impersonation of P.O.T.U.S.). All he wanted to know was how many calories she burns every time she well, turns up.

Cute right? All this Vine talk reminds me that the White House runs a pretty entertaining account. Here are some recent posts:

“Turn Down For What” was recently used in a Rock the Vote campaign starring Lil Jon, Lena Dunham, Darren Criss and other celebrities.