Stephen Collins Starred in Film as a Pedophile Priest, ‘Gilmore Girls’ Band Hep Alien Reunites: A Roundup

Stephen Collins Starred As A Pedophile Priest In 2014 Short Film Penance

Actor Stephen Collins, who has been losing jobs left and right since admitting on tape that he sexually molested at least three young girls over a decade ago, is making headlines again because he starred in an 11-minute short film by director Jeff Wolfe (Revolution) earlier this year — as a pedophile priest. More on the story on Starpulse.

Gilmore Girls Band Hep Alien Reunites After Seven Years: Performance Picture

The fictional band Hep Alien from the fan favorite series Gilmore Girls recently reunited after seven years — and yes, Lane was there! See the reunited photo of the band on Us Weekly.

The Walking Dead With Drunk People Is Even More Amazing Than It Sounds

They stumble around, they smell bad and they probably shouldn’t be operating a vehicle. No, we’re not talking about zombies. We mean drunk people. Watch the video on The Huffington Post.

Jennifer Garner Used to Walk Around Naked

Jennifer Garner is a well-behaved mother of three these days, but she revealed to Conan O’Brien she used to get a kick out of streaking. Fox News has more on her naked romps.

Christina Aguilera Teases New Music For 2015 in the Wake Of Her Upcoming Return to The Voice

The holiest of anniversaries is fast approaching, pop fanatics. That’s right, Lotus turns two on November 13, and we’ll personally be taking the entire month off to observe this treasured holiday. Or — sigh — maybe we’ll just have to make due with the fact that Christina Aguilera has announced new music for 2015. Idolator has more details on her new music.

Amy Poehler Opens Up About Her Divorce And Past Drug Use in Upcoming Memoir

Amy Poehler‘s upcoming memoir, Yes Please, is sure to be a total riot, but as this quote from an excerpt published on The Mirror proves, it’ll also contain Amy’s refreshingly candid insights about real life problems, including her own. The Frisky has more on the memoir.